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The Ultimate Guide to Being Discovered on FlairBox

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

After a whole year of talking to hundreds of agents, casting directors, actors, producers - and anyone else we could corner and quiz - FlairBox is now LIVE.

To celebrate, we've compiled all of the advice and tips we've received from casting professionals into an ultimate guide to being seen by the right people on FlairBox. Get your scenes uploaded and start rehearsing your curtain calls - because the stage is open for you, and now is the time to share your flair.

Consistency is Key

Post once a month, so you can keep showing as much of your range as possible. By keeping active, you'll stand the best chance of showing off the breadth of your skills to casting directors who are on the lookout for promising performers. Watching other actors on the platform is also the perfect way to find inspiration for scenes that may end up being perfect for you. Remember: everyone in our community is there to support each other in a tough industry.

Individual Scenes

Although showreels are great, it's much easier for a casting director to match you to a role if they can clearly see separate scenes in the genre they're looking for. You have TEN 3-minute scenes to show how brilliant you are - make them count, by using a variety of individual scenes that offer various types of lures and baits to hook casting directors on your flair.


Make it perfectly clear what the scene contains - particularly its genre and tone. Again, this makes it as easy as possible for casting directors to find exactly what they're looking for - and it'll also prevent your profile from being the one that annoys or frustrates a casting professional who's looking for something super-specific. Keep your description accurate and specific to get spotted for roles that match your skillset perfectly.


You don't need a professional set-up to film a show-stopping scene. As simple as it sounds, good lighting, a steady, tripod-mounted camera, and a great script are all you need to make winning videos. Check out our guide to the perfect self tape here. On FlairBox, your talent does the talking through your acting videos. Make sure they're well-recorded, and a joy to watch, to entice casting professionals to connect with you on our casting platform.

Support Your Fellow Actors

FlairBox is a community that's been created for actors to support and encourage each other. By watching and clapping other actors' scenes, you can support great work - and find inspiration for your own scenes, all in the same breath. Plus, people will do the same for you - and what's better than a standing ovation for your work?!

We cannot wait to see your wonderful scenes flowing onto our FlairBox feed. Remember that our platform really is built specifically for actors, by actors, so if you ever have any questions, or need help with anything at all, please do drop us an email, or contact us on Twitter or Instagram.

We're also thrilled to be featured in The Stage today - click here to have a read!

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