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Crowdsource Creativity

Leverage the power of thousands of performers to create incredible, performer-generated content for your social channels. 

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The Power of PGC

Consumers find UGC 9.8x more impactful than influencer content when making a purchasing decision (Stackla)

We take UGC one step further, with PGC (Performer-Generated Content). Whether you're simply looking for content to post on social media or to seed a wider trend for your audience, we guarantee incredible performer-generated content for your brand or launch. 

The Power of FlairBox

FlairBox will revolutionise how you engage your audience with incredible PGC content from the world's top performers.

1. Design and implement PGC competitions for your brand.

2. Leverage the power of thousands of performers on FlairBox to guarantee incredible PGC.

Seamlessly view and manage submissions through our proprietary video submission software.

4. Choose as many entries as you like - simply to use as assets for your brand, or to seed a wider trend on your socials.

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Leverage thousands of performers now!

Start a competition to create stunning PGC for your brand or launch today

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