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November's Casting News

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The clocks have changed and the nights are getting steadily longer. So snuggle up, prepare to fire up a few dozen browser tabs, and get yourself up to date with this month's casting news.

🎥 1,158 projects in pre-production or development in the UK 🎥

October's successful release of No Time to Die is increasing confidence across the industry – and there are some fantastic box office highlights this winter. Here's what we can look forward to further down the line:

  • Tomb Raider 2 – Misha Green's sequal to the recent reboot, the script's now in for Lara's latest adventures.

  • The Suspect – some of the impressive cast for this forthcoming TV series, in pre-production, have already been announced. Expect more casting calls for this hotly anticipated series.

  • Lockwood & Co – another TV series in pre-production and thus-far lacking a fully announced cast. Casting by Kharmel Cochrane – keep your eyes peeled.

  • The Three Body Problem – lots of chat about this series, in pre-production. It's from the Benioff-Weiss writing partners (of Game of Thrones fame).

And, just to recap, here's what we shared last month – hugely exciting opportunities for you to salivate over:

  • Fantastic Four – Marvel are in pre-production on this one, to be directed by Jon Watts and written by Stan Lee. More than four roles...

  • Furiosa – director George Miller on the story of Furiosa, who teamed up with Mad Max on Fury Road. Casting by Nikki Barrett.

  • Empire of Light – excitement slowly building around this one, a Sam Mendes romance set in the 1980s. Worth keeping tabs.

📣 Open Casting Calls on FlairBox 📣

Load up the FlairBox app to see if you're eligible for our latest UK casting calls, or click on the image below.

🐦 Casting Tweet Sheet 🐦

Not a great deal of new open calls on Twitter in the past month, but do start building your list of casting directors on the platform (search CDG, or Casting Directors Guild, to find them quickly). As always, worth keeping an eye on UK casting calls too.

Elsewhere, there have been some promising roles in the industry announced recently. Channel 4 are looking for a diversity and disability creative for a 6 month FTC.

The CDG is hiring for their new casting internship, for those interested in taking a look behind the scenes of the industry's power brokers.

And, as The Stage reported a couple of weeks ago, there's a new talent agency in town – Divergent Talent – that caters towards neurodivergent actors and creatives.

📙 Last month in FlairBox Magazine 📙

October saw our roving reviewer feast on the one-woman A Room of One's Own, based on Virginia Woolf's 1928 essay of the same name. The bad news is the powerful play is no longer running (though do sign up to the Dyad Productions mailing list for updates on this an other plays). But the good news is that Woolf's essay is available for free online. Well worth a read for those contemplating how to balance creativity with the relentless pace of the modern world.

Elsewhere, we heard from expert Matthew Walsh about how you can get your short film screened. His tips could help you see all your hard work rewarded by showing it on the big screen. And we took a look at how Netflix Original productions are cast in the UK. Given the quality British programming coming out of Netflix at the moment, knowing how Netflix operates, and how it may change in the future, could help you land a huge, career-defining role.

Finally, with the last day of October ends Black History Month 2021. This is the perfect time for you to decolonise your bookshelf, and read Rob Horsfield's excellent feature on the FiSahara Film Festival – which remains the only film festival to take place in a refugee camp.

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