How much does the platform cost?

The platform is completely FREE for industry professionals. It will also be FREE for actors to see the noticeboard of castings, audition for roles and upload one headshot & a video clip. In order to upload a wide range of headshots and videos, as well as get access to premium areas of the website and exclusive partner discounts, actors will need a premium membership which costs £7.99 PCM if paid annually or £9.99 PCM if paid monthly.

How do you keep the quality of actors high?

Our Intelligent Casting tool (explained in our intelligent casting tool answer below) ensures that the best actors appear at the top of your search. Therefore, rather than disqualifying actors from the platform based on their credits or training, actors are simply ranked based upon how well their videos are received by our highly vetted list of industry professionals. This hugely increases accessibility, making sure that whatever an actor or your client’s background, if they are of a high quality, they have a platform upon which to be seen by industry professionals.

How do you keep the quality of Industry Professionals high?

We have a very strict vetting process in order to control which industry professionals are allowed to use the platform. Our selection criteria is based on the professional’s concrete industry experience and/or membership of industry bodies and unions (e.g. The PMA).

How does the ‘Intelligent Casting’ tool work?

Intelligent Casting uses AI to rank actors videos based on their ability. The ranking system will be based upon consistent interaction from industry professionals on actor’s videos. This includes; Number of views, Length of views, Claps, Favourites and Shortlists. If industry professionals are consistently enjoying a specific actor’s videos, their videos will start to appear higher up in your search for that demographic.

Having spoken to a huge number of industry professionals and looking at current platforms, this has the potential to save Casting Directors more than 60 hours per role cast, whilst giving you the chance to showcase up and coming talent that may otherwise have been impossible to find.

Can I contact actors that aren’t on my books?

Yes. In the same way that we want casting directors to be able to find up and coming talent to cast, we’re just as committed to helping agencies to find the very best talent to represent as easily as possible.

How will you keep the quality of castings high?

All castings will be paid equity minimum rates as a minimum. We will also have a manual vetting process for any castings being displayed on the noticeboard.

Will I have access to the messaging feature?

Yes. We want to make your workflow as efficient and easy as possible. Therefore once the messaging feature is live, you can directly contact your clients on the platform and they will be notified when you do. If they do not respond, they will receive another notification via email - we hope to put an end to chasing your clients again and again in order to let them know they have a casting or an email.

Can I upload audition tapes for my clients

Whenever an actor gets an audition request on FlairBox, the self tape MUST be uploaded through the actor's account. This is to ensure that the casting director has all of the necessary information about your client for their audition process. As an agent, just like on other platforms, you can easily create an actors account for your client (it only takes a couple of minutes), log in and submit the tape for them. The process on FlairBox means that your client won't need to upload to a file transfer service, send to you for you to download, then re-upload to a file transfer service again in order to send to the casting director and finally the casting director having to download, organise and re-upload to their tape management service too. Once the tape has been uploaded by your client, you will get a notification to tell you that it is ready for approval - at which point you can either ask them to re-tape, or simply click approve and the tape will automatically join the casting director's shortlist correctly named, ordered and labelled. So long as your client puts your email correctly in their 'representation' field, no tape will ever be submitted to the casting director without your approval.

Can I apply for roles for my actors?

We recently launched 'The Box' which allows performers to apply for roles that they are eligible for - based on the casting breakdown. At the moment, the only way to apply for your clients is to be logged in to their account. However, we are currently building the ability to apply for roles for any your clients through your own account.