How much does it cost to join the community?

On FlairBox, it's absolutely FREE upload a video of you performing and a headshot in order to show who you are with an example of your work. It is also FREE from start to finish for you to get cast on FlairBox. Unfortunately we do need to charge something in order to keep improving and providing the best platform we possibly can for our members, therefore if you want to upload up to 10 videos to show your full range and remain creative between jobs, as many headshots as you like (although casting directors recommend a max of 5) and get access to exclusive partner discounts and premium areas of the website, you’ll need a premium account, which comes to £7.99 a month (£96 a year) if you pay annually and £9.99 a month if you’d rather pay monthly.

Which Industry Professionals are using the platform?

We have agents from; UNITED agents, Macfarlane Chard and Mclean-Williams ready to showcase their talent and find incredible new actors on FlairBox. The following Casting Directors; - Aisha Bywaters (Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders) - Heather Basten (The Lighthouse, The End of The F*cking World) - Manuel Puro (Moon, Hellboy) - Sophie Pearson - assistant to Des Hamilton (JoJo Rabbit, The King) - Fiona Weir (Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them) - Amy Jackson - assistant to Amy Hubbard ((Four Weddings & A Funeral (TV), The Hobbit, Homeland, Isolation Stories)) - Matt Western (Golden Years, Boys Will Be Boys) - Jeremy Zimmermann (Hellboy I & II, Blade II) - Ray Böhm - Assistant to Andy Pryor (Years & Years, Stan & Olly) - Olissa Rogers (Ted Lasso)

Do I need any qualifications or an agent to join the FlairBox Community?

No. We believe that every talented actor should have the opportunity to be seen, whether they have worked, been to drama school or even know people in the TV & Film industry. If you are good enough, on FlairBox, you will be seen by the very best industry professionals.

How do I know that FlairBox’s casting tool is fair?

First of all, Intelligent Casting is only a tool that Casting Directors can easily turn on and off. It will be based upon consistent interaction from industry professionals on your videos. This includes; number of views, length of views, claps, favourites, shortlists, re-calls and castings. If industry professional’s are consistently enjoying your videos, other industry professionals will start to see you higher up in their searches if they’re using the Intelligent Casting tool.

Can I apply for castings?

Unlike other platforms, you can apply for roles but casting directors can also find you in order to shortlist you for a role even more easily. We don't think that whether you are right for an acting role should be based on a written application when it can be easily based on a video of you acting these days. It just doesn't make any sense to us. So on FlairBox, you can apply for roles through 'The Box' on our casting page by attaching the most relevant video of your work to the application. You will only be able to apply for roles that you are eligible for, meaning you fit the casting breakdown. Where we do things differently is that casting directors can use 'find eligible actors' tool in order to automatically see work from all actors that match their casting breakdown - meaning casting directors can find you for a role without you lifting a finger. So you can apply for roles and roles can find you, either way it's your talent that does the talking.

Is the community safe for U18’s?

Absolutely, we have a number of tools that allow parents to keep their child's profile hidden from anyone they do not wish to see it. We also have a strict entrance policy and only those industry professionals that pass our vetting process will be able to watch, interact with and message u18’s that have been made viewable to them. Other users are not able to message under 18's. There is also be the option to report any videos that you think may be inappropriate for whatever reason.

What makes FlairBox any different to other Casting Platforms?

Firstly, FlairBox is not JUST a casting platform like the others, it's The World's Digital Stage, run by actors, for actors. We were sick of changing our CV, paying for showreel scenes and writing applications for acting jobs, so we created a digital stage where actors can do what they do best, perform. We don't believe that the opportunity to be seen by industry professionals should be based on anything other than your ability. Therefore we've shifted the focus from headshots and CV's to clips of you acting. It doesn't matter where you're from, or what you've done before, if you are good, you will get the opportunity to be seen on FlairBox.

Having trouble logging in?

If you've created an account but you can't remember which log-in method you used, simply click the 'Can't sign in?' link. If you definitely created your account with a username and password but you can't remember your password, you can use the 'Forgotten your password?' link and we will send you a reminder email.

Need help submitting a self-tape?

So you've got a self tape request through and you're not sure how to submit. Simply click the submission link in your email, download the sides and instructions, then upload each scene to the corresponding upload area, then submit. If you are represented by an agent, once you have submitted your self tape, they will need to approve it before the self tape is added to the casting director's shortlist. Break a leg!

What do I get with FlairBox premium?

With a free account, you can only upload one video and one headshot for casting directors to see. You can also be cast from start to finish for as many roles as you like. FlairBox premium allows you to upload up to 10 videos and unlimited headshots (although casting directors prefer to see a max of 5) in order to show casting directors just how capable you are. This increases the chances of you being shortlisted and asked to self-tape for roles. Premium membership will also give you access to exclusive partner discounts for things like workshops and 1-1's, as well as access to premium areas of the website.