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Welcome to FlairBox: Q&A with co-founders Elliot and Rob

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Elliot and Rob co-founded FlairBox on a summer's evening back in 2019.

Since then, FlairBox has been overflowing with opportunities for actors, agents, and casting agents alike.

And there's still plenty we can't wait to achieve.

Here, we hear from the co-founders on their mission, how FlairBox works, and what you can expect from a platform that will always put flair first.

How did FlairBox come about?

We've been best friends since we met at drama classes when we were 14. We went on to drama school, and have worked both in front of and behind the lens for the past 10 years.

Back in August 2019, Elliot had a lightbulb moment as we were stepping out of a gym class in London: "As actors, why is there not a platform where you can just perform? An online stage where you can put up as many videos of you acting as you like, for the world to see? Then, if a Casting Director or Producer likes your work, they can easily get in touch..."

Ever since, we've been working tirelessly to create a platform and a community that does just that.

What is your mission? What do you want FlairBox to achieve?

In short, we want to level the playing field. We firmly believe that if you are good enough, you should have the opportunity to be seen by industry professionals - Casting Directors, Producers, and Agents - no matter your identity, your background, or your access.

Furthermore, we want FlairBox to be a positive environment for actors, brimming with support, guidance and like-minded people that recognise, encourage and applaud each other's performances.

Who is FlairBox directed at?

Actors, Casting Directors, Agents, and Producers - no matter how early or late in their career.

What makes FlairBox different to other casting platforms?

Firstly, we're not just a casting platform - we're a digital stage on which to perform and be spotted by industry professionals. But we do have three key differentiators.

1. We have no barrier to entry. There are no graduate requirements, and no minimum professional credits to be on the platform. If you think you are good enough to perform, you're welcome on this platform - and you will be seen.

2. We change the focus from headshots and CVs to videos of an actor actually performing. FlairBox thinks you should be judged on your performances, not who you know or what you've been in.

3. We use an algorithm to sort actors by ability alone. Videos that display your unique brilliance will be seen - not sidelined or ignored like other platforms.

How does the algorithm work?

FlairBox uses Artificial Intelligence to power our 'Intelligent Casting' tool. The algorithm is strictly bias-free, and is based on how Casting Directors react to your videos.

So, if an actor is regularly being put on an industry professional's shortlist, favourites list - or they're simply being watched and clapped (liked) - the actor will rise higher up the search feed in the future.

Who are you working with already?

We have several Casting Directors keen to find talent on the platform, including:

Aisha Bywaters (Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders)

Heather Basten (The Lighthouse, The End of The F*cking World)

Manuel Puro (Moon, Hellboy)

Sophie Pearson (JoJo Rabbit, The King)

Rob Kelly (Pandora, Bulletproof).

We're also working with United Agents, one of the world's leading talent agencies; the National Youth Theatre; and several production companies - a glittering audience of superstar casting agents and directors to watch your videos.

Finally, could you describe each other in a sentence?

Elliot: Rob is one hell of a hard worker, and is life and soul of the party - but don't be fooled, he'll be sure to make you the gag of his jokes!

Rob: Elliot is more passionate about TV and Film than anyone I know. He's an incredibly supportive person, and also... the gag of most of my jokes.

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