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October's Casting News

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

New to FlairBox Magazine, we're now compiling the UK's casting news on the first day of every month. We'll ping a reminder to you over email too.

Highlights this month include some new UK films beginning the talent hunt, new casting calls on FlairBox (the deadlines are soon so get yourself onto FlairBox ASAP), a handful of open calls on Twitter, and a recap of the four brilliant articles we published in September.

🎥 1,239 projects in pre-production or development in the UK 🎥

  • Fantastic Four – Marvel are in pre-production on this one, to be directed by Jon Watts and written by Stan Lee. More than four roles...

  • Furiosa – director George Miller on the story of Furiosa, who teamed up with Mad Max on Fury Road. Casting by Nikki Barrett.

  • Empire of Light – excitement slowly building around this one, a Sam Mendes romance set in the 1980s. Worth keeping tabs.

And, rolling excitingly on, it's worth mentioning a few we highlighted last month:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – casting by Sarah Finn. Featuring Vin Diesel, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Debicki. Going to be a big one, this.

  • Wicked! – in pre-production to hit the silver screen (finally) after decades of success of Broadway and in the West End. Green skin a bonus.

  • Kitbag – director Ridley Scott takes on Napoleon Bonaparte – who'll be played by Joaquin Phoenix. Still in development, so keep eyes peeled.

📣 Open Casting Calls on FlairBox 📣

Click below, or load up The Box here, to follow up on our latest casting calls.

🐦 Casting Tweet Sheet 🐦

Plenty of individual roles being shared by Jina Jay, Lucy Bevan, and Amy Hubbard. Keep an eye on Sasha Robertson too. Or, check UK casting calls.

📙 Last month in FlairBox Magazine 📙

In September, we heard from Tina Charisma on what can be done to ensure the ongoing success of black British actors – who may be conquering the US, but still face challenges at home. And we republished a fantastic piece from the academic Lisa Moore on the underrepresentation of older women on screen. Lisa's research really highlights how stark this absence is compared with older men, and what writers should do about it.

Elsewhere, we compiled an essential guide to getting noticed by casting directors, including how not to end up a permanent resident of their spam folders, and we heard from our friends at Actor's Warehouse on classes to fine-tune your skills.

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