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December's Casting News

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Festive salutations to many of you who are looking forward to the first proper Christmas in two years. But even if the Christmas parties you may or may not be holding are filling December's calendar, don't neglect this month's exciting casting opportunities.

🎥 1,057 projects in pre-production or development in the UK 🎥

Among the goodies overflowing from Santa's casting sack in December are productions from juggernauts Warner Bros and Disney. Plenty to get excited about here:

  • Wonder Woman 3 – due to film in Warner Bros' UK studios, join Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter in the sequel to Wonder Woman 1984, this time set in the 2020s. Currently in development.

  • The Acolyte – on the subject of franchises, this new series, set in the Star Wars universe, is now in pre-production. Become a star in a galaxy far, far away.

  • The 39 Steps – an intriguing mini series, currently in pre-production. Benedict Cumberbatch is already cast as the lead in what looks like a globe-trotting thriller.

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame – the latest in the Disney back catalogue to get the live-action treatment, this one's in early development with no set release date.

And here's a quick recap of what we shared last month – productions that are still searching for talented actors:

  • Tomb Raider 2 – Misha Green's sequal to the recent reboot, the script's now in for Lara's latest adventures.

  • The Suspect – some of the impressive cast for this forthcoming TV series, in pre-production, have already been announced. Expect more casting calls for this hotly anticipated series.

  • Lockwood & Co – another TV series in pre-production and thus-far lacking a fully announced cast. Casting by Kharmel Cochrane – keep your eyes peeled.

  • The Three Body Problem – lots of chat about this series, in pre-production. It's from the Benioff-Weiss writing partners (of Game of Thrones fame).

📣 Open Casting Calls on FlairBox 📣

Fire up the FlairBox app to check your eligibility for our latest UK casting calls, or click on the image below.

🐦 Casting Tweet Sheet 🐦

Lots to consider on Twitter at the moment, including an open call for submissions to BBC Writers, which could kickstart your scriptwriting career.

There's good news for performers of colour too: thanks to the work of Equity, all TV actors must now be provided with professional standard hair and make-up, regardless of their ethnicity.

As we head towards 2022, do track upcoming UK casting calls on Twitter, and follow your favourite casting directors to get open casting calls straight to your feed. Here are some highlights:

The remarkable Sex Education is heading into its fourth season. Lauren Evans is looking to fill a couple of roles – with no previous acting experience necessary.

A major, leading TV role here for people who identify as FTM or transmasculine – this one sounds really exciting.

Heather Basten has shared a wonderful opportunity for a number of different roles in a BBC Film production. Lots of you will be eligible for this one

And finally, an urgent call for women and men with facial birthmarks or scars for a major feature film, to shoot in London and the Southeast in 2022.

📙 Last month in FlairBox Magazine 📙

After learning back in July what a joy it is to run an outdoor theatre company, we heard last month from Professor Steve Waters on why this unique form of theatre should keep running after the pandemic.

The next time you'll hear from us with January's casting news, you'll be nursing hangovers, taking down the tinsel and breaking New Year's resolutions. But before then you'll get to read our round-up of 2021 and our eager look forward to 2022 – the year our industry will set its true course to post-pandemic recovery.

Stay tuned and have a very merry December.

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