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Casting Directors

Casting on FlairBox is as easy as 1, 2, 3.




Find Actors 
Use FlairBox’s highly detailed filters to find videos of actors matching any brief, all the way down to the musical instrument they play or even a mile radius of their location.
Shortlist actors whether they’re registered on FlairBox already or not. Request self tapes with the click of a button - tapes will automatically appear in your shortlist once the actor has submitted them.

Cast the Role from start to finish without needing to leave FlairBox.


Stop doing the tedious stuff yourself, get 75% of your admin time back

On other platforms you’re used to posting a breakdown; waiting for hundreds – sometimes thousands – of submissions, many of which are nothing like the breakdown; manually filtering through headshots and CVs; creating a shortlist; requesting self-tapes via email; receiving them through DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or other file sending software; then downloading, renaming, and reuploading to a video management platform and – finally – casting a role. It’s exhausting, unfulfilling, and worst of all dull.


We’ve got some good news. We’ve taken all the faff out of the casting process – putting everything in one place and doing the most tedious tasks for you so that you can do what you do best: selecting the best actors for the best roles.


Jane Anderson Headshot.jpeg

Jane Anderson

Casting Director


“Flairbox is a breath of fresh air and has simplified the way in which I send out and receive self tapes. The site is user friendly and the team have been really responsive to any query from either myself or performers. I look forward to seeing it thrive”. 

Choose how much or how little you want us to take care of

Whether you do your whole search and audition process on FlairBox alone, or search for actors elsewhere and use our best-in-class self-tape tool to manage all of your self-tapes for you, FlairBox will save you hours if not days of wasted time spent organising videos. Rather than ad-hoc, draining administrative tasks, on FlairBox, you simply need to click a button to send self-tape requests to all of the actors you want to see. Their submissions will automatically go straight into your shortlist. From this point, you can work with collaborators, organise tapes quickly and effectively, narrow down your shortlist, and finally cast the role. You won’t believe it until you try it.

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