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  • What makes FlairBox any different to other Casting Platforms?
    Firstly, FlairBox is not JUST a casting platform like the others, it's The World's Digital Stage, run by actors, for actors. We were sick of changing our CV, paying for showreel scenes and writing applications for acting jobs, so we created a digital stage where actors can do what they do best, perform. We don't believe that the opportunity to be seen by industry professionals should be based on anything other than your ability. Therefore we've shifted the focus from headshots and CV's to clips of you acting. It doesn't matter where you're from, or what you've done before, if you are good, you will get the opportunity to be seen on FlairBox.
  • Having trouble logging in?
    If you've created an account before but can't seem to log in to it, here's a couple of things that should have you logged in in no time; 1. Click the 'Can't sign in?' link on the login modal, put in your email address and your login method will be emailed to you. 2. Make sure you are using the same login method (Username, Facebook, Google or Outlook) that you used when you originally signed up. Once you're in, remember which one you used for next time. 3. If you need to change your password click the 'Forgot Password?' link on the login modal.
  • Need help submitting a self-tape?
    In order to submit your self-tape make sure to follow the submission link that you should have received by the Casting Director in your self-tape request email. When you follow this link, make sure to sign in to the correct account that has been sent the self-tape request, as the submission links are specific to each user. If you do not have an account already, that's fine, simply register for one after following the submission link. If you are represented by an agent, once you have submitted your self tape, they will need to approve it before the self tape is added to the casting director's shortlist. Break a leg!
  • Do I need any qualifications or an agent to join the FlairBox Community?
    No. We believe that every talented actor should have the opportunity to be seen, whether they have worked, been to drama school or even know people in the TV & Film industry. If you are good enough, on FlairBox, you will be seen by the very best industry professionals.
  • How much does it cost to join the community?
    It's absolutely FREE to join the FlairBox community and submit to any castings. On a Free account you can upload up to 10 videos and 3 headshots. If you would like to upgrade to a Pro plan on FlairBox, this will mean you can then upload unlimited videos to your profile and unlimited headshots, and costs £7.99/month if paid annually or £9.99/month if paid monthly.
  • How does the 'Trending' category work?
    Currently, the 'Trending' category on the discover feed is powered by the most claps on a video over the last 30 days, so is simply a measure of engagement rather than quality. In the future, this 'Trending' category will be powered by a machine learning algorithm, similar to TikTok and Netflix, that will take into account Industry Professional interaction on a user's profile including claps, shortlists, favourites, self-tape requests, re-calls and being cast for roles and so will more accurately boost and highlight performers' profiles based on how well they are being received by the Industry. It will also be tailored specifically to a user's likes and interests, and show popular 'trending' videos that other user's with similar likes and interests have enjoyed. It's important to note that the 'Trending' category is only one of several categories on the discover feed, and everyone can still view videos based on 'Most Recent' upload or 'My Friends' or by genre. The category is simply there to boost, highlight and showcase performers, and is most definitely not there to exclude anyone.
  • Can I apply for castings?
    Yes, there is a castings wall on 'The Box' section of FlairBox. This includes Open Calls that have been found on social media as well as castings posted solely on FlairBox by Casting Directors. You can apply to these either by following the instructions on the breakdown if they require you to email, or applying through FlairBox by attaching a video from your profile to go alongside your application.
  • Is the community safe for U18’s?
    Absolutely, we have a strict entrance policy for industry professionals and only those that pass our vetting policy will be able to watch, interact with and message under 18s. Likewise, it must be a parent or guardian that creates the account on FlairBox , and upon registration there will be a checkbox where you can select the privacy level of an under 18 account. Other users are not able to message under 18s. There is also the option to report any videos that you think may be inappropriate for younger viewers for whatever reason.
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