How much does the platform cost?

The platform is completely FREE for industry professionals.

How do you keep the quality of actors high?

Our Intelligent Casting tool (explained in our intelligent casting tool answer below) ensures that the best actors appear at the top of your search. Therefore, rather than disqualifying actors from the platform based on their credits or training, actors are simply ranked based upon how well their videos are received by our highly vetted list of industry professionals. This hugely increases accessibility, making sure that whatever an actor’s background, if they are of a high quality, they have a platform upon which to be seen by industry professionals.

How do you keep the quality of Industry Professionals high?

We have a very strict vetting process in order to control which industry professionals are allowed to use the platform. Our selection criteria is based on the professional’s concrete industry experience and/or membership of industry bodies and unions (e.g. The Casting Director’s guild).

Can I post castings?

Yes. However, it's completely up to you whether you'd prefer to make the casting public - so that eligible actors can apply for it, or keep it private and just use our casting tool in order to do all of the hard work managing self tapes for you.

How do I know the platform is secure?

We’re integrating a fully secure private area where your projects, shortlists, favourites and self tapes will all be protected and only accessible by you, or anybody you choose to give access to in order to collaborate on a project (Directors, Producers, Assistants etc). You can also send confidential scripts or material to agents and/or actors securely through our messaging feature.

How does the ‘Intelligent Casting’ tool work?

Intelligent Casting uses interaction from industry professionals only to rank actors videos based on their suitability for roles. The ranking system will be based upon consistent interaction from industry professionals on actor’s videos. This includes; number of views, length of views, claps, favourites, re-calls, shortlists and castings. If industry professionals are consistently enjoying a specific actor’s videos, their videos will start to appear higher up in your search for that demographic.

Having spoken to a huge number of industry professionals and looking at current platforms, this has the potential to save you more than 60 hours per role cast, whilst giving you access to up and coming talent that may otherwise have been impossible to find.

How do I contact agents and actors?

Once the platform is finished. You won’t even need to leave the platform in order to manage your conversations with agents and actors. You can also securely send bulk messages through our messaging feature - meaning you’ll no longer need to send every actor’s agent the script, instructions and notes for self tapes one by one. All of your conversations will fall under the specific project automatically, so you won’t need to file all of your emails manually in order to keep them organised.

How will you keep the quality of castings high?

All castings will be paid equity minimum rates as a minimum. We will also have a manual vetting process for any castings being displayed on the noticeboard.

How does your Casting tool work?

We've created a tool that allows you to find actors, request self tapes, manage your shortlists, securely share notes with whoever you like (directors, assistants, producers etc) and finally cast a role all in one place. Forget about Vimeo, Wetransfer and Google drive and forget about manually sorting and renaming self tape submissions. On FlairBox, that's all done for you, saving you hours of wasted time.