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FlairBox takes the drudgery out of casting and gives your actors a stage on which to perform and be discovered for their work. Forget worrying about formatting, renaming, downloading, uploading and everything in between: simply forward the casting director’s self-tape requests on to your clients where your actor can download the sides and upload their tapes - then either approve or ask them to re-tape with one simple click. Once you approve it, their tape will automatically join the casting director’s shortlist in order, correctly named and in the correct format – all without you having to lift a finger.

Boost your talent.

Represent with confidence.


Our data helps you to elevate your clients even further.

As far as we’re concerned, the more an agent knows about their clients, the more an agent will be able to help that client to book more roles. But agents are busy people who don’t have time to keep track of every single client’s performance in every single casting. We’ve decided to lend a hand. Through our clever ‘talent tracker’ system, we can provide you with all of the information you need to track which clients are being shortlisted, favourited and cast by which casting directors. This gives you data that will inform you just how well your clients are doing in castings and with which casting directors. Giving you more insight as to where you can support them to make sure as many of the shortlists, final rounds and pencils as possible turn in to bookings.

Tarquin Shaw-Young.jpeg

Tarquin Shaw-Young


(President of The Entertainment Agents Association)

'With our industry on the edge of an exciting renaissance we need the tools and the contacts to be able develop and discover new talent - FlairBox puts actor’s work at the heart of the process and provides a unique local and international platform for Casting Directors, Agents, Producers and Actors to merge creatively and effectively - my actors love it and as a Casting Agent it combines the best of both worlds.'

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