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Showcase your talent.
Let roles find you.

If you’re tired of having no opportunities to actually perform, connect with your fellow performers, share the work you do create and get yourself into the audition room, FlairBox is the place for you.
We’re changing the way performers get discovered with The World’s Digital Stage. Created by performers, for performers, FlairBox gives everyone, no matter their background, a space to perform and be discovered for their work. We really mean it when we say “Where Talent Does The Talking”.


A global stage to share your work.

From a monologue recorded in your bedroom through to a scene from a film, FlairBox gives performers a global stage on which to share their work. And the best part is, unlike other video sharing platforms, some of the most prominent industry professionals can and will admire your work, shortlist you, and audition you – all in one place.
But it doesn’t stop there. As the video sharing platform that puts performers first, FlairBox also provides a community that reconnects you with an industry that can feel distant at best – and completely out of reach at worst. From scene inspiration through to industry news and job opportunities, FlairBox is the platform that allows performers to connect with each other and the industry they belong to.

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1. Perform

Tape your work, whether that’s a monologue in your bedroom or a scene from a film, and share it with the world.

So How Does FlairBox Work?

2. Connect

Connect with other performers to build your network.

3. Be Discovered 

Be shortlisted for jobs, submit auditions, and get cast by the industry's top professionals.


Suraj Shah

(Founder of DABB - 'Diverse Actors Breaking Boundaries')

‘I think FlairBox is incredible; not just because it’s unique or that it’s easy and simple to use, but because it breaks down the barriers of getting onto a platform that has so many requirements that many actors cannot overcome. Flairbox opens fantastic opportunities up to so many more actors. It’s effective, many people know about it already and in all honesty, I had nothing to lose by signing up!’

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