The Video Platform for Actors - Launching August 2020

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Welcome to the future of talent discovery



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Let Roles Find You

Fed up of trying to find roles? Constant applications, headshot updates and CV edits? Flairbox offers a quick, simple way of showcasing your talent online. Upload a range of videos of you acting straight to the Casting Director's workspace. Sit back, relax, and let the roles come to you.


Let Your Actor's Talent Do The Talking

Showcase your talent online. On Flairbox, they can upload a wide range of videos from scenes they've been in, or simply monologues filmed in their bedroom. Flairbox allows them to stand out from the crowd and be discovered for their talents.


Use Intelligent Casting To Find The Best Actors Quicker

We've created an accessible and efficient platform for finding actors and managing projects. Our Intelligent Casting AI assists you in finding suitable talented actors, saving precious time in the process. You can then: create projects, favourite actors, shortlist actors for roles, securely bulk message with scripts, request self tapes, share your projects with collaborators and much much more. 


Harness The Power of AI to Find Talent More Easily

Talent searching in its simplest form. Cut to the chase with hassle free talent searches that show the best actors at the top of your search and a messaging tool for all of your projects.

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