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FlairBox is a global community of performers that allows talented individuals to perform, connect and be discovered for what matters most – their talent.

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Be Discovered.


Welcome to your digital stage.

FlairBox is a place to share your work with the industry, fellow performers and the world. That could be a scene from a film you were in, or just a monologue you recorded in your bedroom.

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Meet our global performance community.

Add fellow performers to your friends list, or check out their showreels, clips and monologues on your discover feed. Message your drama school cohort about plays, scripts and events. And use the collaboration hub to find self-tape readers, performers for your new showreel scene, or just someone to read your new piece of writing. 


Where talent does the talking.

FlairBox aims to make the performance industry a fairer and more accessible place – where performers feel they belong. Open to all to join, and with a unique algorithm to suggest trending performers at the top of the feed, we’re making this no longer about who you know or what you’ve been in, or your background and connections, but about your talent.

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Suraj Shah

Founder of DABB - Diverse Actors Breaking Boundaries

"I think FlairBox is incredible; not just because it’s unique or that it’s easy and simple to use, but because it breaks down the barriers of getting onto a platform that has so many requirements that many actors cannot overcome. FlairBox opens fantastic opportunities up to so many more actors. It’s effective, many people know about it already and in all honesty, I had nothing to lose by signing up!"


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