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Sophie Pearson

Casting Associate to Des Hamilton

(JoJo Rabbit, The King)

"A platform like FlairBox transforms our lives by having everything in one place. It also means we can view performances from a much wider range of actors at the click of a button, making our job easier, more efficient and exciting.”


Showcase your talent. Let roles find you.

A digital stage for your finest performances.

On FlairBox, your talent commands centre stage. Your videos, clips, and self-tapes broadcast your brilliance to casting professionals. You’re judged on your acting, not your admin. And you’ll spend less time searching for roles - and more time honing your craft.



Sharpen your search. Unearth talent quicker. 

The future of casting, all in one place.

Scouring for talent needn't be a headache. At FlairBox, it's a breeze. Our platform does the heavy lifting for you, leaving you free to pinpoint hidden gems, whittle down your shortlist, and seamlessly coordinate self-tapes, auditions, and agent liaison - all without having to leave FlairBox's secure interface.


Boost your talent. Represent with confidence.

Finally, a place for your actors to flourish.

Managing your roster has never been easier. Unleash your talent on our digital stage, and watch their uploads and self-tapes impress in real time. On FlairBox, our CRM tool removes the friction from talent management, so that you can stand comfortably between performer and casting professional - and your actors can stand out from the crowd.



Join the revolution. Enjoy seamless casting.

An end-to-end solution for all your casting needs.

FlairBox allows you to return to basics, rediscovering casting’s core: matching magnificent actors with your vacant roles. Our powerful AI gifts casting professionals more time to size up potential leads, and less time coordinating workflows. From role creation to casting completion, FlairBox provides a base for all your talent scouting needs.


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